Saturday, August 23

Our classes today are as follows:

0800 – Olympic Weightlifting Skills

0900 – Open gym or do the following WOD:


Complete as many rounds as possible in 28 minutes of:
115-lb. overhead squats, 9 reps
1 legless rope climb, 15-foot rope, beginning from seated
115-lb. bench presses, 12 reps

L1- 14 minutes, choose weight and modifications
L2-  95lbs/65lbs, use feet for the rope climb
L3- Rx’d

1000 – Weekend Warriors (FREE to the public)

For time:
50 Air squats
40 AB-mat Sit-ups
30 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups
10 Burpees
20 Pull-ups
30 Walking Lunge steps
40 Ab-mat Sit-ups
50 Air squats

L1- choose modifications, ring rows (for pull-ups), etc.  If 1st time, cut reps in 1/2.
L2- Rx’d
L3- Add 1.5 pood or 1 pood to squats and walking lunge and GHD sit-ups.

Friday, August 22


The gym will be open Saturday for classes at 0800, 0900 and 1000 and Sunday at 1300 (Strongman)


No lift today- work on your goats for Mary or practice hand walking across the gym floor.

Spend any last few minutes of class doing mobility work with the class. Happy Friday!



AMRAP 20 mins


10 Pistols

15 Pull-ups


L1- Elevated HSPU, Pistol progressions or modifications, jumping pull-ups or ring rows

L2&L3 Rx’d