Out Of The Garage And Back

I started doing CrossFit in 2006 with Ahmik & Krista Jones.  We began by doing CrossFit Weekend Warriors with a tiny circle of friends, eventually migrated into a real Box, affiliated as CrossFit SoCal and began by following Main Site WODs scaled to develop our members/family over time.

In 2008 a bunch of us from the Gym went to the CrossFit Games.  That year I was a Judge, others went as Athletes and the rest were Volunteers.  Who could have known twelve years later I would work for CrossFit Inc. and Ahmik would be a key figure at Rogue helping them with equipment design.  What started out as a small, grass roots movement staffed by “infidels”; those of us who squatted below parallel, and held our breath on heavy dead lifts had grown and divided leaving the CrossFit SoCal mark on countless people and Boxes

Ultimately CrossFit SoCal would occupy three different spaces, each one bigger and nicer than its predecessor.   Ahmik and Krista would move to Ohio and many of my fellow SoCal members would end up scattered to the wind all the while maintaining the bonds that had formed as the gym flourished. There were marriages and divorces and even deaths but the extended family of CrossFit SoCal stayed connected even as the gym moved back into Ahmik and Kirsta’s garage.

When the possibility arose that CrossFit SoCal might become part of CrossFit history it was a simple but almost primal decision to move the affiliate back to San Diego and it was especially fitting to affiliate a garage gym using the SoCal name that had otherwise been synonymous with Ahmik and Krista. With Krista’s blessing we have taken CrossFit SoCal on a retro journey with main site Wods, White Board and LogBook record keeping and shrunk it all back down into a Gym consisting of friends and devoted CrossFit athletes minus any of the frills you might find in a newer and larger digital age gym.  

We have all heard the saying “to know me, is to love me”.  At the reborn CrossFit SoCal it’s all about full-on work schedules and relationship responsibilities.  It’s like that saying except that it’s “To know me is to WOD with me”

CrossFit SoCal is an affiliated Gym but you need to reach out to me first before you can just pop in for a workout.  Just like the old days it is a lot more informal than it was when there were computers and schedules.  We’ve replaced that with that good old neighborhood gym feeling where friends gather to hang out and work out.

CrossFit SoCal
A Rogue Garage Gym

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