Saturday, March 9, 2013


We will be running heats for 13.1 today from 8am-Noon. Come in during that time period to get judged. Let's go Team SoCal!!!

Schedule for today:

8am-Noon: Open Gym for 13.1

8:30am: Crossfit kids with Coach Amanda, Coach Ady, and Coach Julie

10am: Weekend Warriors (Free Class) with Coach Sarah

With a Team of 4 complete the following movements for time:

**Only one member can work to complete the movement at a time.  While the reps are being performed two of the 4 team members must be in a plank. Reps preformed only count if two other members are in the plank.**

BUY IN** All four team members complete a 400m run**


100 Jumping airsquats

100 Push-ups

100 Burpees

100 Dumbbell Clusters 
L1(choose weight) L2 (25/15) L3 (35/20)  


BUY OUT**ALL four team members complete a 400m run

11am: Women's Only Class with Coach Sarah

Skill: 15 minutes of Overhead Squats and Snatch work

Two options: (13.1 or alternate WOD)

Alternate WOD for STP or Others:

(Skills to teach OHS, Ring Row, Push-ups)

17 minute AMRAP:

400m Run

17 OHS

17 Ring Rows

17 Pushups

STP- choose Weight (recommend 23/33 bar)


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