Wednesday, April 10, 2013



  • Paleo Potluck and Award Ceremony in honor of the 2013 Crossfit Open this Saturday at 11am. All members are welcoming even if you didn't participate in the open. Mark you Calendar.
  • Women's Only Class today at 9:30am and 7pm.



Skill: 3 x max L-sit hold


Lift: For 10 minutes:

Every even minute: Shankle Complex: 1 deadlift, 3 power shrugs, 1 squat clean, 2 jerks

Every odd minute: 40 second plank hold


WOD: minute
1, 1 clean, minute 2, 2cleans, minute 3, 3 cleans etc, must be touch
and go, then 50 burpees, then max touch and go cleans drop set

    Minute 1, 1 clean

    Minute 2, 2 touch and go cleans

    Minute 3, 3 touch and go cleans

    etc until touch and go is not possible

    then, for time:

    50 burpees


    max cleans in 2 minutes after completion of burpees*

* score is max amout of touch and goes completed, and time of burpees minutes 1 second per clean

    Level 4: 205/145

    Level 3: 185/135

    Level 2: 155/115

    Level 1: choose weight

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