Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tim passed out




  • Paleo Lemon Bars are now available for $1 each in the white freezer. Payment for the bars should be placed in the brownie envelope.



    Learn the fundamentals of CrossFit in a fun group environment! Fundamentals Boot Camp meets every Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm and runs for 8 sessions (4 weeks). The total cost is $200. Start any Tuesday! or call Kendra at 858-736-7004 to reserve your spot.




Skill: handstand walking


Lift: 15 minutes to establish 2 RM Bench press

WOD: Complete in any order for time:

20 Shoulder to Overhead

40 Chest to bar Pullups

*every minute on the minute, 3 double burpees

level4: 165/115

level 3: 135/95

Level 2: 115/75, kipping pullups

level 1: choose weight/ pullup sub

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