Tuesday, April 30, 2013




 Coach Saum is heading to the Police Academy this month so sadly today is his last day coaching classes. He will be missed greatly as a part of the SoCal coaching team but we wish him the best of luck with his new career.


Here is a letter from Coach Saum:

Hey Friends,

I don't want to refer to you all as "members"
because I feel that over the last 2.5 years of coaching we have become
friends to some degree. As I am about to enter the police academy as a
recruit for the San Diego Police Department, I wanted to say a few

I want to thank you for the wonderful ride I have had
while coaching at SoCal. Early mornings, midday sessions, and evening
classes, have provided me with a wealth of experience in leadership and
friendship. For that I will be forever grateful. I only hope that I
taught you all as much as you all have taught me.

Promise me the following things:
-Be the change you want to see.
-Be part of the solution.
-Call it an experiment.
-Embrace the change.
-Rattle your own cage.

am taking everything I have learned and applying all of that to
something bigger than me. In 6 months, I hope to be an academy graduate
and begin serving the community on a larger scale. Thank you again for
all the support over the years and for supporting me in my future

Stay Great!




Skill – 7 minutes kipping/butterfly practice

    Challenge – Max unbroken pullups


    WOD – 5 minute AMRAP:


        5 pullups


        7 pushups



        rest 1 minute



        4 minute AMRAP:

        ring dips


        rest 1 minute


        3 minute AMRAP:


        Level 3 – Rx


        Level 2 – bar dips


        Share the pain – jumping pullups, bar dips

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