Wednesday, May 29, 2013




  • Women's Only Class today at 9:30am and 7pm
  • This week is share the pain week. Friends can attend classes for free with members so don't forget to give them the invite.



Skill: Mobility in bottom of squat on wall with PVC in OHS position (focus on showing armpits, and contracting scapulas)


Challenge: 10 minute in bottom of squat (relaxed lower back, toes forward, no colapsing knees). Athletes note where it hurts



        4 minutes Max double unders

        4 minutes Max farmers carry

        2 minutes max cone touches (10m)

        2 minutes max strict pullups (anyway)


* the workout can be performed in any order using 4 minute blocks (ie, the cone touches and pullups are done consecutivley in the same 4 minute block

Level 3: 80# sandbags

Level 2: 2/1.5pood

Share the Pain: 1.5/1pood, single unders, banded pullups 



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