Monday, June 9, 2013

Group c4c

Our Very Own SoCalers repping it up at Crossfit For Cancer this past Saturday

Skill: 5 minutes to complete: 4×10 heavy/strict/most difficult reverse hyper and/or GHD curls

Lift: 15 minutes to establish 2 RM Overhead Squat
21-15-9 round for time of:
front rack stationary lunge
with remaining time max calorie row (damper @ 10)
*12 minute time cap
Level 4: 135/95
Level 3:115/75
Level 2: 95/65
Level 1: 75/55

Monthly Bonus Lifting:

***Bonus lifting is designed as a perfect complement to our standard WestSide template. Bonus lifting should be done in conjunction with the daily programming as a supplement biased toward strength. These extra lifts are to be done on the athlete’s own time, and out of the way of way of regularly scheduled class time.

Monday: 4×10 reverse hyper @ very heavy.

4×15 anchored and weighted abmat situps

4×20 banded oblique side bends

superset as needed

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