Tuesday, June 11, 2013



  • "Learn the fundamentals of CrossFit in a fun group environment! Fundamentals Boot Camp meets every Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm and runs for 8 sessions (4 weeks). The total cost is $200. Start any Tuesday! Emailbootcamp@crossfitsocal.com or call Kendra at 858-736-7004 to reserve your spot."
  • Sweet Potato Brownies and Lemon Bars are now restocked in the white freezer. $1 each 


Skill: 10 minutes handstand walking practice

Lift: Every Minute for 9 minutes: 3 seated on ground press @ 55% 1RM press

Everyone: super-set with 3 or less strict pullups


For total reps/rounds:

1 minute to establish max unbroken HSPU


7 minutes of an ascending ladder 3,6,9,12,15 etc

ring pushups

Chest to bar pullups


1 minute  to establish max unbroken HSPU

* score is rounds + one rep per HSPU

Level 3: Rx

Level 2: standard pushups and pullups

Level 1: strict overhead press @ 95/65# (as HSPU), standard pushups, scale pullups


Tuesday: 3×20 dips

3×10 strict chinups

3×20 anterrior/lateral shoulder raises

3×20 dumbell strict shouler press

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