Monday, June 17, 2013



We are proud to announce some major changes coming to Crossfit SoCal! Your very own coaches Greg, Sarah and Everett Downey are now our business associates/gym managers and will be implementing much of the change to come. Greg will be acting as head trainer and daily operations. Sarah will be head of membership relations and communication. Everett will take care of the strongman class. We hope that you will put as much trust in them as we have. First order of business: facelift. What do you think? SoCal pride, lets keep it looking pretty!



Skill: 5 minutes to complete: 15 reps very high (aprox 85% of max height box jump) box jumps from full squat

Lift: 15 minutes to establish: 1RM sumo Deadlift

WOD: 3 rounds for time:
6 sumo deadlifts*
30 mountain climbers
30 back extensions with weight

*each deadlift will be a DEADlift. to ensure this, athletes must control the bar to the floor, release the hands from the bar, stand up, then resume deadlift

Level 5: 315/205
Level 4: 275/185
Level 3: 225/155
Level 2: 205/125
Level 1: 155/115


Bonus lifting should be done in conjunction with the daily programming as a supplement biased toward strength. These extra lifts are to be done on the athlete’s own time, and out of the way of way of regularly scheduled class time.


4×10 reverse hyper @ very heavy.
4×15 anchored and weighted abmat situps
4×20 banded oblique side bends
superset as needed


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