Wednesday, July 3, 2012

6-17-2013 035


  • 4th of July hours (6am HERO WOD and 10am HERO WOD, the gym will be closed the rest of the day)
  • New Schedule: schedule

Skill: Clean and Jerk technique

Lift: 12 minutes to establish max: Jerk

WOD: WOD: minute 1, 1 clean, minute 2, 2cleans, minute 3, 3 cleans etc, must be touch and go, then 50 burpees, then max touch and go cleans drop set

Minute 1, 1 clean

Minute 2, 2 touch and go cleans

Minute 3, 3 touch and go cleans

etc until touch and go is not possible

then, for time:

50 burpees

then:  max cleans in 2 minutes after completion of burpees*

* score is max amout of touch and goes completed, and time of burpees minutes 1 second per clean

  • Level 4: 205/145
  • Level 3: 185/135
  • Level 2: 155/115
  • Level 1: choose weight

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