New Members for July and August

We all remember our first time hearing “3, 2, 1 GO”  like it was yesterday. For some, that day was many years ago, yet for others it was just a few short weeks or months ago. Let’s welcome the following awesome individuals into the CrossFit SoCal Community. Some of these new members are moving into town or finding a new “box” to call home, while others are just getting started. Either way let’s make them all feel welcomed and value as a part of our family.


  • Carlos Conzalez
  • Hannah Crumruich
  • John Godinez
  • Pete Lavander
  • Christopher Lawerence
  • Tony Park
  • Scott Bowmaster
  • Felicia Davis


  • Sonia and Michael Devore
  • Caleb Firebaugh
  • Steve and Stacy Wisner
  • Travis Champion-Fritz
  • Jesse and Megan Garces
  • Gemma Porsuelo
  • Aaron and Brittany Christensen
  • Rich and Andretta Tuton
  • Pedro Romero
  • Don Ang
  • JR Ang
  • Shaun Pascal
  • Carrie Harper

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