Wednesday, August 21, 2013




Jesse Garces working hard, on Elizabeth, at yesterday’s 12 class.


Publication2Moving EventSHARE THE PAIN FLYER AUGUST 2013whole 30 paleo challenge

  • IT’S SHARE THE PAIN WEEK. Don’t forget to invite those friends
  • CLASSES ARE CANCELLED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FOR THE MOVE THIS SATURDAY. (Lunch will be provided to all volunteers. Come by anytime you are free) 
  • Email Sarah at to preorder a t-shirt/tank or to sign up for our Whole30 Challenge starting on September 1st. Whole 30 Paleo Challenge packet


Skill: 20 total pistol rollups

Challenge: x2 (max effort strict pullups)

WOD: “tabata socal” *, **
mountain climbers
10m gassers (cone sprints)
* not for reps, for all out effort every time
**rest 2 minutes between each movement

( score is from 0-10 the amount of effort you put out)

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