Monday, September 23, 2013


Today the CrossFit SoCal community must join together to mourn the passing of an incredible husband, Marine and friend. On Saturday morning, September 21st, Captain Andrew Budenz, USMC, husband of Jenn Budenz, was involved in a motorcycle accident that took his life. Andy and Jenn have been such an amazing part of our family at CrossFit SoCal and right now Jenn needs our support more than ever. We all feel this great sadness and must come together as a community to support Jenn and Andy’s family. If you would like to do something to help, speak with Sarah Downey ( to make a donation or click the link below. These donations will go to supplying Jenn with food from Pete’s Paleo as well as anything else she may need. We will be posting again in the next few days providing you with the details on Andy’s services. As a community we are here to do all we can to support Jenn and Andy’s family in their time of need.



Skill: up to 3×10 GHR
Level 2: static at parallel
Beginner: back extensions

Lift: 12 minutes to establish: OHS 3RM
3 minutes to complete: 2×5 OHS drop sets
Beginner: back squat

WOD: For time “Dirty Nancy”:
15 OHS
250 m burden run
15 OHS
800 m run
15 OHS
75’ burpee broad jumps

Level 4: 135/95#, log
Level 3: 115/75, 40# sandbag
Level 2: 95/65#, 20# medball
Level 1: back squat, 10# med ball for burden run

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This is Crossfit SoCal's "More Oly" program powered by coach Veronica Aguila and her Drive, Pop, Punch! olympic lifting program. This is program is a weekly dose of olympic lifting technique work designed as a supplement to your daily Crossfit SoCal programming.

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