Tuesday, October 15, 2013




Today’s Workout:

Skill: Clean technique

Challenge: Max time with 135/95# locked out overhead

WOD: “Elizabeth” 21-15-9 rounds for time:
ring dips

Level 3: 135/95#
Level 2: 95/65#, standard dips
Share the pain: empty bar to paralettes, dips on a box

TWIST  BLOG BONUS WORK (Complete before or after class)

Mobility: (view more at www.crossfitsocalmobility.wordpress.com)
LB Gap and smash of knee : 2 minutes on either side
Hamstring LB smash: 2 minutes on each side
Barbell Calf Smash: 2 minutes on either side
Double LB Low Back Smash: 2 minutes (Rest 2 minutes) repeat 2 minutes
Voodoo Floss Thighs and Hips

Bonus Lifting:
4×20 half weight reverse hyper
5×5 clapping pushups (rest 20 second per set)
3xmax pullups (use medium band)

Gymnastics:(view more at www.crossfitsocalgymnastics.wordpress.com)
Rolling pistol (one legged squat) – candlestick roll
10 minutes of rolling pistol practice.

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