Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Today’s Workout:

Skill: Clean and Jerk technique

Lift: Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes: Shankle Complex (deadlift, hang squat clean, jerk, jerk) @ very heavy
Level 2: superset with 1 high box jump and 10 v-ups
Beginner: 2 power cleans, 1 squat clean and jerk

WOD:  12 minute AMRAP and weight:
15 Russian Kettlebell swing
1 clean and jerk
15 total kettlebell snatch
3 rope climb

Level 3: 2/1.5 pood
Level 2: 1.5/1pood
Level 1: 1 pood, 5 rope walkups

TWIST  BLOG BONUS WORK (Complete before or after class)

Mobility: (view more at
Anterior shoulder Barbell Smash: 2 minutes on each side
T-spine Plate Smash: 2 minutes
T-spine smash Overhead Extension (Bar and foam Roller): 2 minutes
Forearm double lacrosse ball smash: 2 minutes on each side
Voodoo Floss Forearm

Bonus Lifting:

Gymnastics:(view more at
For quality:
50 hollow rocks
50 superman rocks

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