Tuesday, November 12, 2013






SHARE THE PAIN WEEK (Guests can attend with members for free)
share the pain week nov.

J&J BEEF ORDERS MUST BE IN BY THE 14TH (The next delivery date is Nov 20th! Mmmmmm–prime rib for Thanksgiving people!)




Skill: Demo movements
WOD: With a 17 minute timecap, 3 rounds for time of:

30 Goblet Squats
30 Kettlebell swings
30 Ring Dips

Level 3: 2/1.5pood
Level 2: 1.5/1pood, standard dips
Share the pain: air squat, 1/1/2 pood, box dips

TWIST BONUS WORK (complete before or after class)

Mobility Blog (http://crossfitsocalmobility.wordpress.com/)
T-spine Smash with Double Lacrosse Ball & plate : 2 minutes
Shoulder Rotator LB Smash and floss: 2 minutes on each side
Overhead Tissue Smash: 2 minutes on each side
Tricep lacrosse ball smash: 2 minutes on each side
Voodoo Floss Shoulders & Tricep

Bonus Lifting (https://crossfitsocal.com/resources/monthly-bonus-lifting/)
3×18 DB chest press
100 total @ 135/95# kowerski rows
3×15 axle bar underhand bent over rows


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