Wednesday, November 13, 2013


IT’S SHARE THE PAIN WEEK: share the pain week nov.

Skill: 5 minutes: ankle/foot mobility
10 minutes: pose running technique

Challenge: Max set of wallballs

WOD: 12 minute AMRAP:
7 push press
100 m run
7 box jumps
100 m run
7 sumo deadlift highpull
100 m run
7 2fer1 wallballs
100 m run

Level 3: 95/75#, 30/24”, 20/14
Level 2: 75/55#, 24/20”, 20/14 standard wallballs
Share the pain: 65/45#, 20”, 1.5/1pood (SDHP), standard wallball

TWIST BONUS WORK (Complete before or after class)

Mobility (
Quad Barbell Smash: 2 minutes on each side
Banded Super Frog :2 minutes on each side
Planter Lacrosse Ball Smash: 2 minutes on each foot
Double LB medial Shin Smash and Floss: 2 minutes on either side
Voodoo Floss Hips and Ankles

Gymnastics (
10 minutes of double-under practice.
Double-under progressions.

Bonus Lifting (
Rest day

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