Friday, November 15, 2013

Wanna learn how to do this?
Well we can’t teach you how to do all that craziness but Rx Smartgear, the creators of the Rx Jumprope, will be holding a double under clinic at CrossFit SoCal next Saturday, November 23rd from 12-3pm. SIGN UP HERE TO GET YOUR DOUBLE UNDER ON!!!

Last day of our SHARE THE PAIN WEEK (share the pain week nov.)

Skill: Deadlift

Challenge:  Max Static Lateral plate hold (10#/5#)

WOD: With an 8 minute time cap, 5 rounds for time of :
5 deadlifts
25m Overhead walking lunge

Level 4: 315/225, 45/25#
Level 3: 275/185, 45/25#
Level 2: 225/135, 45/25#
Level 1: 135/95, 25/10#
Share the Pain: 95/75, standard walking lunge

SOGOFF: 40 plate curls (45/25#)

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