Wednesday, December 4, 2013


On November 8-9 a few of our members competed at the AAU Nationals here in San Diego. For some, it was their very first meet and others were vets. One thing is for sure, everyone represented CrossFit SoCal well and we are all so very proud of them! Congratulations to all of you! Here are some results:

Lisa Pullig
Class: 132 lb Open Women
1: 80kg/176lb
2: 90kg/198lb no good (bar bounce)
3: 97.5kg/214.5lb
1: 47.5kg/104.5lb
2: 52.5kg/115.5lb
3: 60kg/132lb no good (failed attempt)
1: 115kg/253lb
2: 125kg/275lb
3: 132.5kg/291.5lb no good (failed attempt)
TOTAL: 275kg/605lb

Sean Pease
Class: 242lb Open Men
1: 170kg/374lb
2: 185kg/407lb
3: 187.5kg/412.5
1: 130kg/286lb
2: 140kg/308lb
3: 145kg/319lb
1: 225kg/495
2: 240kg/528
3: 252.5kg/555.5
TOTAL: 585kg/1287lb

Tyler Rau
Class: 242lb Open Men
1: 185kg/407lb
2: 195kg/429lb
3: 205kg/451lb
1: 120kg/264lb
2: 125kg/275lb
3: 135kg/297lb
1: 195kg/429lb
2: 210kg/462lb
3: 230kg/506lb
TOTAL: 570kg/1254lb


snatch 63
CJ 81
went 6 for 6
Back Sq 97.5 kg
Bench 72.5 kg
DL 120kg
went 9 for 9

Jerry Moylan

Jerry “Doc” Moylan did 4 weightlifting contests in one day!
Natural Mr. Olympia, AAU Olympic lifting nationals, second place, AAU powerlifting, 1st place. AAU feats of strength, !st place. 19 events, over 15 awards, & many personal records!!!

Andy Zablocki and Ben Timm competed in Oly.

Today’s Workout:
Skill: snatch warmup
Lift: 12 minutes to establish 1 RM snatch
WOD: 13.1 anyone?
in one minute intervals for total reps
* increase weight each round

Level 3: 75,135,165/45,75/100
Level 2: 75, 95, 115/ 45,55,75
Level 1: 45,65, 85/35,55,75

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