Friday, February 14, 2014

Amanda VanDellen and her family are heading to Japan. Today we are having a going away lunch for her at Anny’s Fine Burgers at 12pm. Let’s wish her a great CrossFit SoCal farewell.

Today’s Workout: (View our WODIFY virtual whiteboard here)
Wendler: Bench 5×65%, 5×75%, 5×85%
Conjugate: 3x Max reps of bench press at bodyweight

“So Happy Together” Valentine’s Day WOD
Teams of 2. Partners share the works. One person working at a time.
For time:
1000 meter row
10 over the wall burpees. Partner helps the other over the wall.
50 Overhead Walking Lunge steps 10/25lb plate
100 abmat sit-ups
100 kettlebell swings
50 L-sit pull-ups (one person can assist by holding the other’s feet)
20 tire flips
100 double unders

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