Saturday, February 29, 2014

night 1 throwdown
FIRST FRIDAY NIGHT THROWDOWN WAS AN AMAZING EVENT! Remember to mark you calendars and come out again next week!

Today’s Schedule:
8am- Olympic Lifting Class
9am- Team Workout:
Working in teams of 3 move through each station completing the task at hand. You will have four minutes at each station with 1 minute to move to the next station:
1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk
3 Burpee Muscle-ups (scale with burpee pullups)
max handstand pushups & wallballs (must rotate movements every set)
wall overs
1 rope climb 10 thrusters (rotate after each partner completes the full set) 95/65#

10am-Weekend Warriors (FREE CLASS)
15 minute AMRAP:
400 m ball run
15 wallballs
15 ball situps


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