Saturday, August 23

Our classes today are as follows:

0800 – Olympic Weightlifting Skills

0900 – Open gym or do the following WOD:


Complete as many rounds as possible in 28 minutes of:
115-lb. overhead squats, 9 reps
1 legless rope climb, 15-foot rope, beginning from seated
115-lb. bench presses, 12 reps

L1- 14 minutes, choose weight and modifications
L2-  95lbs/65lbs, use feet for the rope climb
L3- Rx’d

1000 – Weekend Warriors (FREE to the public)

For time:
50 Air squats
40 AB-mat Sit-ups
30 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups
10 Burpees
20 Pull-ups
30 Walking Lunge steps
40 Ab-mat Sit-ups
50 Air squats

L1- choose modifications, ring rows (for pull-ups), etc.  If 1st time, cut reps in 1/2.
L2- Rx’d
L3- Add 1.5 pood or 1 pood to squats and walking lunge and GHD sit-ups.

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