Friday, May 8


Row 400

Hang out at the bottom of the squat for 1 minute

10 air squats

5 jumps from knees to squat

10 PVC pipe pass throughs

10 PVC pipe good mornings

10 PVC pipe overhead squats

Tabata hollow rocks for 2 minutes

Tabata arch rocks for 2 minutes


Oly Lift technique

With PVC or light bar warm-up with the following:

2 x 3 reps of Scarecrow from the hang (elbows high and outside)

2 x 3 reps of Tall Snatch (First rise up on toes with shoulders shrugged and arms straight. Second, as fast as possible fall under the bar in a squat, keeping it close and punch up at the bar)

2 x 3 reps of Muscle Snatch

Power Snatch 3×65%, 2×75%, 2×80%, 1×90%, 1×100%



5 rounds for time of:

Squat snatches, 10 reps

30-second chin-over-bar hold

Squat snatches, 10 reps

60-second plank hold


L1- choose weight
L2 and L3- RX 75lb/55lb

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