Monday, June 1


400 meter run

1 minute at bottom of squat wide stance

10 air squats

10 wall-ball

Burgener wam-up clean grip with thruster (PVC)

10 pull-ups

10 push-ups

Practice bar muscle-up technique


Wendler lift and Oly Lift Technique:

Hang squat clan + thruster: You have 5 sets to work up to a 5 RM.

*You are not allowed to put the bar on the deck between reps, but rest as needed between rounds.


Squat 5×65%, 5×75%, 5×85%



AMRAP 10 mins of:

5 bar muscle-ups

10 Thrusters


L1 – choose mods and weight

L2 – 95/65lbs

L3 – 135/95 lbs


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