Thursday, June 4


Run 400 meters

10 Kipping pull-ups

10 Ring dips

5 strict pull-ups

5 L-sit pull-ups

10 ring dips

5 HSPU to 3 Abmats, 5 HSPU to 2 Abmat, 5 HSPU to 1 abmat, 5 to no abmats or on paralettes

Practice rope climbing variations- (with feet, no feet, pike or straddle)


Oly Lift Technique and Wendler

Bench – 5×65%, 5×75%, 5×85%



For time:

Run 400

20 Ring dips

Row 400

20 L-pull-up

Run 400

20 Handstand Push-ups


L1- choose mods

L2- Strict gymnastics movements

L3- Strict gymnastics movements plus Paralette HSPU



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