Wednesday, September 9


Run 400 meters

1 tire flip plus jump in and out – 10 reps

10 wall ball 2 fers

15-20 GHD sit-ups or abmat sit-ups

10 air squats

10 squats with light dumbbells

10 squat cleans with light dumbbells



Clean Grip Deadlift- 5×75%, 3×85%, 1×95% + reps (wider grip than reg deadlift, hook grip and sink you butt lower, chest up, eyes forward)



5 rounds for time of:

10 Sumo Deadlift High-pull

20 Wall-balls


L1- Choose bar and ball weight

L2- 95/65lbs, 20/14lb ball

L3- 135/95lbs, 20/14lb ball

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