Wednesday, September 16


Bear Crawl 20 meters

Spider Crawl 20 meters

Inch worms 20 meters

Traveling Burpees 20 meters

1 tire flip plus jump in and out – 10 reps

10 squat cleans with light dumbbells

Practice rope climbing techniques: Beginner (hang from rope with feet-try to get lift from legs no pulling of the arms) Intermediate (Try using no feet) Advanced (Try climbing in L-sit –no kip) Elite (Add weight to L-s-it)

Burgener warm-up with empty bar (clean grip)



In 10 minutes work up to a 1 rep max



For time:

15 Deadlifts

2 Rope climbs

12 Deadlifts

2 Rope climbs

9 Deadlifts

2 Rope climbs


L1- choose weight and rope climb modification

L2- 225/155lbs

L3- 315/205 lbs, leg less rope climbs


SoCal Oly Program:

Snatch lift offs: Keep it lighter 2 sets of 5 reps

Muscle Snatch 3 sets of 3 reps for form


Snatch Above the Knee:







1@100% (1 rep max or more)


Repeat with Clean and Jerk


Back Squat 5-5-5 (Keep weight at max for 5 reps for all 3 sets)


Gymnastics Skills:

Work on pistols for 10 minutes with and without weights



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