Thursday, October 15


Row 200 keep the SPM constant for entire row

Row 200 keep pace under 2 mins if possible or whatever is a challenge for you.

10 air squats

1 minute hold at bottom of squat pressing knees out with the elbows

10 PVC pipe pass throughs

10 Overhead squats with PVC

10 box jumps

10 box step ups with empty bar

Burgener Warm-up with empty bar


Power Snatch

10 minutes to work up to a 1 rep max


AMRAP 10 mins

12 Power Snatch

6 Weighted Box Step-ups



L1 – choose weight

L2 – 95lb/65lbs, 24”-20” box

L3 – 135/95, 24”-20” box

Olympic Weightlifting

Active recovery day: walk, hike, bike, swim, skate, run, yoga class, row

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