Who We Are


Where we’ve been: 

CrossFit SoCal got its humble start on the shores of San Diego’s Mission Bay and the backyard of Ahmik and Krista Jones in 2006. We were an extension of a free Saturday workout group called San Diego CrossFit Weekend Warriors which started on January 8, 2005. As one of the first 50 affiliates, our affiliate possess two of the original Level 3 CrossFit Coaches.  Before we had a “box,” there was a black Toyota Tundra truck to haul our gear and a playground that attracted a dedicated group of CrossFitters each weekend.

“We were the freaks at the park who unloaded GHDs, kettlebells, bumper plates, and bars at the bay and created our own CrossFit ‘muscle beach’.  We ran around the park and did pull-ups around swing sets and monkey bars. Our kettlebells made holes in the lawn, and sand would sully our Oly bars.  But, we kept doing WOD’s like Fran and Murph on the playground. We also programmed swimming into our WOD’s long before it became a Games event. The bay water is  beautiful to look at, but not so good to swim in (rather polluted as it were). We have learned a lot over the years and have proudly sent a team to nearly every CrossFit Games and have qualified for CrossFit Games Regionals every year since 2008.” -Tim Chan, CrossFit HQ

Our first space was ironically a failed “Curves” gym. Out with the seated leg extension and bicep curl machines and in with the ropes, rings, bars and bumpers!  The 4:30 am class was born from the large number of military personnel members and has been a part of our class schedule ever since.

Where we are today:

Today we are a thriving, eclectic CrossFit Box with who knows how to have fun, build community, and carry out the charter of CrossFit. Our goal is to help improve lives and make people better though  fitness, nutrition, and wellness everyday.

We have a safe and effective fundamentals program that teaches CrossFit movements, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, mobility and nutrition. It goes beyond just the lifts and movements, but the intangibles too. We encourage our members to become part of the  CrossFit SoCal family. We’ve been around for a long time and, even as the community of CrossFit continues to grow by leaps and bounds, we remain one of the anchor CrossFit boxes in our local community.

Our strong relationship with Rogue Fitness equips our facility with the tools you’ll need to do any CrossFit WOD as Rx, or scaled.  Beyond that, we have CrossFit Games equipment such as sleds, a yoke, axel bars, walls, logs and Strongman gear.  We have always been a CrossFit affiliate from our inception and do not favor any one element over another. Our long-time members can snatch, muscle-up, double (and triple!) under, swim, and handstand walk. We’re neither a lifting gym that started CrossFitting, nor a gymnastics studio that also does CrossFit. We are an ORIGINAL.

Where we are going…

As our CrossFit SoCal community continues to grow, we will grow our space to accommodate our members. In 2013 we  re-located to a gorgeous 10,000 square foot facility. That was (you guessed it) a former big box gym. We are curious and open-minded as a team. We are old school in some respects and in others we are cutting edge by offering only the best equipment, programming and coaching team in all of Southern California.   Our affiliate provides services that assist in a healthy lifestyle protocol. We are working on growing our relationships with nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, and mobility practitioners.

A look at our old logo:


And our new look: