Benefits of CrossFit while Pregnant


1. Your body is going through lots of changes. This is one way you can maintain some control!

2. When you get pregnant, your posture gets all wacky. By the end, you’ll notice a lot of pregnant women have the telltale arched back. CrossFit helps keep your back strong so that by the end, it’s no big deal to hold up the extra belly weight.

3. During pregnancy, your balance is off because you’re carrying extra weight. Doing CrossFit can help you to maintain your balance.

4. It’s nice to be part of a community where so many people are supportive of what you are doing. If you were just going to a gym (or just jogging or whatever), you may be more likely to quit. The members at CrossFit SoCal are always excited/impressed to see you at each stage of your pregnancy and love providing support.

5. Learning proper form for squatting and lifting is really important! It seems excessive, but imagine having a diaper bag on one shoulder, purse on the other shoulder, and trying to move the stroller into the trunk of a car. YOU WILL NEED THE STRENGTH AFTER BABY COMES.

6. Working out is proven to help with recovery after childbirth! Since you have the muscles present (hidden, no doubt), it will be much easier to “bounce back” to your original weight than if you hadn’t worked out at all.

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