Basic CrossFit Lingo:

  • Box:  A CrossFit gym
  • WOD: Workout of the Day
  • For Time: Complete the workout as fast as possible.
  • AMRAP:  As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible – typically in a specified timeframe
  • Chipper:  A workout with many reps and many movements (you chip away at it), typically completed in one single round for time.
  • Met-Con:  Short for Metabolic Conditioning – Often used to describe a workout or WOD with a focus on conditioning and moving quickly and/or that contains movements that test your cardiovascular endurance and/or stamina. In direct contrast to a strength- or technique-based workout that is not done for time.
  • Firebreather: A badass CrossFit athlete.
  • Rx:  As Prescribed – the suggested parameters for a given exercise (weight for example)
  • PR:  Personal Record
  • BTWB:, a website used by CrossFit Intensify members to track results from CrossFit workouts and CFI WODs.
  • Rep:  A repetition or one instance of a given exercise
  • Set:  A group of repetitions
  • 1RM, 3RM, 5RM, or any #RM: 1-rep max, 3-rep max, 5-rep max, etc. The most weight you can lift (your personal record) for the given number of repetitions.
  • EMOTM: Every Minute on the Minute
  • Volume Training (VT): Complete X number of repetitions on the minute every minute for 10-20 minutes for form practice, technique work, or building capacity at a complex skill.
  • Pood: A Russian term to measure weight, often used to describe kettlebells (a piece of equipment originally from Russia). 1 Pood = 16 kg = 35 lbs. Kettlebell weights in CrossFit workouts are commonly prescribed at 1.5/1 pood.
  • Olympic Lifting, Oly Lifting, O-lifting: Olympic weightlifting, specifically the barbell movements and any of their variations or exercises related to the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.
  • ROM:  Range of Motion
  • Kipping (e.g., kipping pull-ups):  (see video)
  • Mid-line Stabilization:  Controlling the muscles around the spine to make it stable and strong during an exercise
  • BW:  Body weight
  • DOMS:  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • MOBWOD: Mobility and stretching work
  • C2:  Concept II rowing machine
  • Tabata:  A protocol of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, usually done for at least 8 consecutive rounds.
  • Burpee: An evil invention designed to torture poor and helpless CrossFitters. Begin from standing position. Drop to the floor touching your chest, hips and thighs to the ground. Stand up and finish with a small jump and clap overhead.
  • Benchmark WOD (also known as “The Girls”): A workout passed down through CrossFit, almost always with a Girl’s name. For example, “Cindy”, “Linda”, or “Angie”. Use these workouts to test your fitness and see your progress. For a complete list, CLICK HERE.
  • Hero WOD: A workout dedicated to the life and memory of a fallen American hero, most commonly named after soldiers that have fallen in the line of duty. For example, “Murph”, “Michael”, “JT”, or “Nutts”. Use these workouts to test your perseverance and resolve, while honoring those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for you and the ones you love. For a complete list, CLICK HERE.
  • Paleo: A diet, nutrition plan, and lifestyle used by many CrossFitters for its dramatic benefits to health and performance. Often used to refer to a diet or food consisting of only meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and some oils. Gluten, sugar, processed foods and unnatural vegetable oils, grains, and often dairy and legumes are eliminated from the diet. For more information, ask a coach.
  • Fish Oil: A common supplement taken by CrossFitters that helps improve health and performance by giving the athlete a high dose of essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids. For more information, speak with a coach.

CrossFit Exercise Names and Acronyms:

  • BP:  Bench Press
  • BS:  Back Squat
  • FS:  Front Squat
  • OHS:  Overhead squat
  • C&J:  Clean and Jerk
  • PC:  Power Clean
  • SC: Squat Clean
  • HPC or HSC: Variations of the PC or SC beginning with the weight in the hanging position off the floor.
  • CTB or C2B:  Chest to Bar (as in pull ups)
  • DB:  Dumbbell
  • DL:  Deadlift
  • DUs:  Double Unders – two turns of the jump rope per jump
  • Singles: Jump rope where the rope only passes once under the feet per jump.
  • GHD:  Glute-Hamstring Developer, the machine primarily used for hip extensions and GHD sit-ups
  • HSPU – Handstand Push-Up (see video)
  • KB:  Kettlebell
  • K2E:  Knees-to-Elbows
  • T2B: Toes-to-bar
  • JTs: Jump Touches
  • JPs: Jumping Pull-ups
  • MU: Muscle Up – A combination of a pull-up and a ring dip, commonly done on high gymnastics rings
  • OH:  Overhead
  • Pistols:  One-legged squats (see video)
  • PJ:  Push Jerk
  • PP:  Push Press
  • PU:  Pull Up or Push Up
  • SDHP: Sumo Dead lift High Pull (see video)
  • S2O: Shoulder-to-overhead
  • G2O: Ground-to-overhead
  • HPS: Hang Power Snatch
  • SJ:  Split Jerk
  • SP:  Shoulder Press
  • SQ:  Squat
  • TGU:  Turkish Get Ups (see video)
  • TnG: Tap n’ Go!
  • FTG: The barbell must be taken From The Ground.
  • Thrusters:  A combination of a front squat and push press. (see video)
  • WBs:  Wall Ball Shots (see video)

For demo videos of most of these movements, please visit

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