Tyler is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer and a USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach. But before that, back in 2007, he was a 24-year-old, 330-lb smoker. A big guy. He realized he was going to feel decades older than 25 by his next birthday and decided to do something about it. His body and lungs restricted him to walking at first — from mile or two, up to three or five for weeks, then months as he started to lose weight and feel healthier. He quit smoking, quit junk food. He lost 130 lbs.

As great as he was feeling, he was starting to get bored with walking. He was bored, skinny and terrified of backsliding. His cousin told him to check out CrossFit, and after his fundamentals he never looked back. He went from 200 lbs to 225 lbs in a few months, and never thought he would be so glad to be gaining weight. But he was stronger, faster, more powerful and had more energy than he ever had in his life. It seemed everyone he talked to wanted to know how he did it, how they could do it, how their friends could do it. So he decided to show them.

He became certified as a personal trainer, and then got his CrossFit Level 1 in December 2010. He began coaching at CrossFit Bloomfield in Michigan in January 2011. He got his USAW certification in March 2012. Nothing in his life has ever been so rewarding as seeing his athletes amaze themselves with their progress.Whether it’s the guy who was in the same spot as Tyler, or a retiree who thought their best days were behind them, or an athlete who can’t break a plateau — seeing people realize their potential always takes him back to his own moments of success.

These days, Tyler has found that the same mechanisms that once made him big and fat can just as easily be harnessed to make him big and strong. No stranger to carrying big weight around, he now lifts it every chance he can. Having found his body’s natural balance point, he has dialed in as a strength-biased CrossFitter – one of the “big guys” in the box.

He never imagined “big guy” could be such a proud distinction.


tyler before



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